Monday, September 5, 2011

What sides would you serve at your Texas BBQ joint?

The last Build Your Own Texas BBQ Joint post was about the meats. Today, the trimmings. If you started a Texas BBQ joint, what side items would you serve?


Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Prob grilled/smoked corn on the cob"

Sarah said...

Mac & cheese with Hatch green chiles. Tater-tot casserole. Corn on the cob.

Anonymous said...


Smokin Ronnie Halcomb said...

potato salad
white bread/cornbread
baked beans

peach cobbler/ice cream
pecan pie
banana pudding

Drew Thornley said...

Facebook reply: "fried okra, cheese-y Polenta, roasted corn on the cob, grilled zucchini w/ garlic butter, haricot vert tossed with roasted almonds, gnocchi with shredded parmesan and nutmeg...should I stop?"

Jacob said...

pot of beans, you can serve yourself.

And as much tater tot casserole I can steal from Opies.