Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Brotha's Smokehouse BBQ (Pflugerville, TX)

There's a new BBQ joint in Pflugerville: Big Brotha's Smokehouse BBQ (Facebook page). 110 12th St., Suite 110. Don't know when it opened. Man Upper Jason went there today for lunch. He said the sausage was "not good" but that "the brisket was very tasty - very affordable. brisket sandwich w/ chip and drink was under 7 bucks." Anyone else been there?

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PiperDave said...

I've been there. first time I thought it not great. I believe in second chances so went again, was less impressed than the first time. The meat is dry, overcooked, pretty bland. the sides are pretty dismal also. The mac and cheese was inedible. And I personally didn't find it all that affordable.

I'd rather drive the 10 mile trip to Rudy's and pay for better food.