Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grilling is NOT barbecuing!

My buddy Robert Sierra, of S&S Pit Crew in San Marcos, alerted us today to this story on San Marcos man barbecues on his bicycle. I have no problem with this guy peddling his fare, but I do take issue with the verb the chosen for the article's title. The guy has a little grill and serves up burgers and what not. I'd say he "grills," not "barbecues."

You see this all the time on TV and in movies. Talk of a "backyard barbecue." Turns out they're grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, just like the annual White House July 4th BBQ. Nothing wrong with grilling, but it's not barbecuing. And vice versa. Each has its merits, but each is distinct from the other. Put me in the camp of those who believe that the two words are not interchangeable. Thoughts?


Bigmista said...

The words are not interchangeable. Say you are having a cookout, not a barbecue if you are grilling.

Don O. said...

Amen and amen. :)