Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curly's Perfect Pig (Austin, TX)

Given that I'm partial to pork, I am delighted that a Carolina-style BBQ joint has opened in town. Yeah, I said it. PORK. You should give it a try, Texans. It's not too bad. Curly's Perfect Pig, a pink trailer by the UT campus (28th & Rio Grande), serves up pork ribs and pulled pork and sides that aren't your average, run-of-the-mill BBQ sides, including pan-fried cornbread (looks like a pancake), cucumber salad (Order it.), & hushpuppies. Owner and pitmaster Jay is a one-man show and is as nice as they come. Here's the first of 2 rounds of pics:

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mcg said...

And please, Texans, whatever you do, if you're gonna go get Carolina BBQ, *don't put red sauce on it* :P You can do that anywhere. Soak it down with Jay's homemade vinegar- or mustard-based sauces instead.