Monday, September 10, 2012

First meal at Hill's BBQ Market (Austin, TX)

Couple of weeks ago, I paid my first visit to Hills BBQ Market, the newest joint in Austin. Pick-up-a-tray, go-down-the-line market style. I'm a big fan of St. Louis ribs and mustard-based sauce. Hill's has both. In fact, one of their two choices for St. Louis ribs is mustard style. Got two. Enjoyed two. Good moisture. Ordered the cucumber salad, but when I went down the line and saw that it was swimming in what I guess was mayonnaise, I audibled for the black bean and corn salad. Not much flavor, so I added the mustard sauce. The brisket didn't interest me, but I tried the herb-garlic turkey. Tasty. Not dry at all. Weak iced tea but awesome ice. It's gas/electric cooking, so consistency shouldn't be a problem, nor should smelling like smoke when you return to the office from lunch (if you consider that a problem). Very friendly service. Look forward to going back for a tray full of mustard ribs.

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Chef Dad said...

Nice, quick and usefui. Critiquing Texas BBQ should be no more and no less.

Chef Dad

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