Wednesday, September 19, 2012's top 25 BBQ joints

Yesterday, posted its list of the top 25 BBQ joints in the country (in no particular order). Six are from Texas: JMueller, Kreuz, Goode Co., Salt Lick, Snow's, & Franklin ("Franklin's is, in our opinion, the best BBQ joint in America right now.). Thoughts on the inclusion of these 6? Thoughts on the ones they should've included? BTW, there are zero Alabama joints listed. That alone makes the list illegitimate!

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Nechlaw said...

Decent list--I've been to more than half. As much as I love Houston, Goode Company isn't even top 5 here, any more. Also, they list Lexington BBQ as being in Kentucky, and they list Snow's as being in Lexington, Kentucky! The whole Top 25 could just be Texas joints though Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, AL would be a worthy addition.