Friday, September 28, 2012

Forbes' "5 Best BBQ Joints for an All-American Roadtrip"

Last night, my buddy Daviz Pham sent me via Twitter this Forbes piece on BBQ roadtrips. The writer, Melanie Haiken, lists 5 destinations, and 2 of them are in Texas, which she calls "the grand central station of barbecue." Her #1 is Opie's in Spicewood, while Black's & Smitty's in Lockhart are #2 on her list. Props to Melanie for these picks (2 of the many worthy BBQ destinations in Texas), but she is clearly not from here (San Fran is her home.), as she says of Smitty's: "it's as no-frills as barbecue gets: Meat slapped straight from the GRILL (emphasis mine) onto butcher paper."

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