Thursday, November 7, 2013

la Barbecue Gameday Giveaway: Week 11

This week's la Barbecue Gameday Giveaway matchup is Texas at West Virginia (Saturday, 6:00 PM Central)Winner gets a free BBQ sandwich & side item from la Barbecue. 

To be eligible to win, I need the following predictions: (1) winner, (2) final score, & (2) total combined yards [in case we need a tiebreaker]. You can submit your prediction as a comment below this post, as a Facebook comment, via Twitter, or via email. Your prediction must be received by kickoff (6:00 PM Central). Good luck!


Unknown said...

Texas 35-WVU 28
767 Total Yds

The Smoking Ho said...

Texas 34-17 820

Joe Wagner said...

Texas 28-21 650 yds

Drew Thornley said...

Charles, of all the entries via blog comments, Facebook comments, Twitter comments, & email, your prediction was the closest! Contact us at