Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks for Texas BBQ!

It's a great day to thank everyone who does anything to promote Texas BBQ. To all who work at the BBQ joints - pitmasters, cooks, managers, waitstaff - thank you. For all of the time you spend planning and prepping and cooking and cutting and serving and cleaning up after us, thank you. We appreciate all you do to give the rest of us something to eat, take pictures of, and talk about. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving day, hopefully one where you are far from the restaurant, doing something for yourselves and/or with your loved ones.

That said, it's THANKSGIVING DAY! I know lots of you out there are smoking turkeys and briskets, and I wanna see pictures. If you'll send me pics of what you're smoking in the backyard (Meat, people!), I'll add them to my Backyard BBQ collection. Happy Thanksgiving!

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