Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pizzitola's Gameday Giveaway: Week 11

The Dallas Cowboys have the weekend off (This is very good for the Cowboys.), but the Houston Texans are in action. So, you still have a way to win some Texas BBQ. The person who submits the closest prediction for the Texans game wins A WHOLE SLAB OF Pizzitola's BBQ RIBS!!! The matchup is:

Oakland at Houston (Sunday, noon Central)

To be eligible to win, I need the following: (1) winner, (2) final score, & (2) total combined yards [in case we need a tiebreaker]. You can submit your prediction as a comment below this post, as a Facebook comment, via Twitter, or via email. Your prediction must be received by kickoff of the respective game. Good luck!


Leslye Norton said...

Texans 24 Raiders 17
total yards 645

Capt. Bryan said...

Texans 21, Oakland 13
Total yards 525