Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jason leads the way to Lockhart.

A recent email from J-Pa:

So this past Sunday; I missed out on Opie’s the day before and needed some BBQ. Called up Todd and texted Russell; sure enough we have a group of 4 going to Lockhart. I made sure Smitty’s was open and turns out all the others were as well except Kreuz. So while making the trip we tried to go to Kreuz first but it was closed and headed straight for Smitty’s. You know this is my #1. Pork ribs and brisket. Money as usual; pork ribs; great sauce/ perfect amount little dry today than I’ve had but still excellent. 9.6 today. Brisket slice was awesome – tasty and moist! 9.5. Overall – 9.6.

Next, we went to Black’s – I ate so much at Smitty’s I only got a garlic sausage and peach cobbler. Garlic sausage was quite flavorful; nice taste and a break apart type sausage; not greasy at all. I liked it! 9.4. Peach cobbler was ok…ice cream they gave you was some generic kind in a cup (prepackaged) 7. Overall – 9.

Chisholm Trail – Last stop Russell wanted to try the meat here; I was so full; I opted for peach cobbler again…hahaa. I like the peach cobbler here: 9. Overall – 8.

And, now, Todd’s review:

On this trip back to Lockhart, Russell, Jason, Gina and myself visited Smitty's and Blacks. I must say I was sad to learn that Kreuz, my perennial favorite, is closed on Sunday's, but I was not disappointed. We started at Smitty's, and could have easily just ended there. I ordered 4 pork ribs. Wow. These were some of the best ribs I have ever had, I was blown away. This visit blew away all my previous perceptions of ribs at Smitty's.

But enough already, here are the scores: Pork ribs: 9.99; Service: 8.9; Sweet tea: 9.3; Atmosphere: 9.4; Overall: 9.7

After Smitty's we visited Blacks, where I had some peach cobbler. This stuff was store bought and the vanilla ice cream they served along-side was a sad excuse for ice cream. This stuff was not good, actually it was just plain bad. Peach cobbler: 4.5

*UPDATE: Russell gets his scores in post-posting…

Smitty’s: 9.9. You definitely suffer for your grub at Smitty’s….you stand in line in front on an incredibly hot open flame for their less-than-friendly servers (who are also suffering and sweating immensely) give you what they want you to have! But, you’re getting fresh BBQ right off the fire, literally. The pork ribs (9.97) are the big payoff item and are well worth paying the price! Brisket (9.49) was also very tasty.

Black’s: 8.89. Mr. Black was not in to give us a taste of his unparalleled hospitality. The food here is only just above average, but the fatty brisket tips were flavorful (they know fat is flavor- 9.25 for the deckle/fatty brisket tip here), and the this place just emanates TX BBQ history (9.98 for the atmosphere, as I love all the old deer shoulder mounts). Turkey was a 8.65. In many ways I like the atmosphere and friendliness better here than anywhere, but the food just pales in comparison to Smitty’s.

Chisholm Trail: 7.79. By Lockhart standards, this place is very subpar…were it located anywhere else on earth, it would likely score very well…but nothing here was really worth ranking individually today.

Overall Man-Up Scores…

Smitty’s: 9.7

Black’s: 8.945

Chisholm Trail: 7.895

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