Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoking brisket: Round 2

It's time. Brad and I are smoking brisket for the second time (recap of our first brisket smoking here). Well, technically, we're smoking two briskets for the first time. We just marinated and will let them soak until we start smoking them first thing tomorrow morning. BTW, you can follow us all day long via live web video and chat with us and other viewers, while you watch. That's right: Man Up's first live video. Clear your calendars; you don't wanna miss this. Stay tuned for the link.


SavannahRed said...

will there be a brisket consuming? you can't just make us watch everything, tempt us, and then leave us hanging. . . you should make this an open event. i am completely not joking!

oh, and i have news for the man-up crew regarding the competitive nature of bbq-in'. yep, you read me right.

Amanda said...

That's it! I am officially jealous of your lifestyle of leisure.
Attached please find my resume for your consideration as Exec Chef of Man Up.