Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Announcing the wettest, spiciest, tangiest, sweetest party of the year: "Gettin' Sauced!"

Attention all Texas BBQ purveyors: We want sauce!!!

Among the new things we have planned for 2010 is our first BBQ-sauce taste testing. On a date to be announced, we will host Gettin' Sauced!, a blind taste testing of sauces from various Texas BBQ joints/vendors. If you're a BBQ restaurant or vendor and would like to donate any or all of your BBQ sauces, email us at manuptexasbbq@yahoo.com.

Depending on how many different types of sauces are donated, we will either lump all sauces together or group sauces into categories, such as traditional, hot, and non-traditional. More details to follow, as plans materialize, but if anyone is interested in teaming up with us in any way for this event, email us at the address above.


Jacob said...

Is this going to be an actual event that people can go to and also taste the sauce? I would love to attend.

Drew Thornley said...


Definitely. We're making the official announcement tomorrow, which will include lots of details, but basically...

In Austin on Sun, March 7, at 5 pm. (Location announced tomorrow) You can taste dozens of Texas BBQ sauces. It's free, though we will have a "suggested donation" (couple of bucks, tops), to helf defray our costs. Live music and tons of door prizes.

Hope to see you there!