Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow's BBQ highlighted in Budget Travel magazine

From the Feb. 2010 issue of Budget Travel (hat tip to my mom):

Barbecue for Every Taste Bud
Get back in the car! These three spots are well worth the detour.

Pit-smoked with a dry rub

Snow's BBQ, Lexington, Tex.
At only 7 years old, Snow's is just a baby compared with the state's other seasoned barbecue spots, most of which have been open for more than half a century. But judging by the lines, Texas barbecue lovers—who tend to be a traditional bunch—have decided age doesn't matter when the food is this good. Started by former rodeo clown Kerry Bexley so that his teenage daughters could get some work experience—before they left for college, you'd find them there taking orders every Saturday—Snow's has won people over with its brisket, ribs, and pork steak. Pit master Tootsie Tomanetz, who is in her mid-70s, comes in at 2 a.m. to tend to the already-smoking meat (it cooks for a good eight to 10 hours before the place opens at 8 a.m.). Time your visit carefully: Snow's is open on Saturdays only, and as soon as the food sells out—usually around noon—the doors close. 516 Main St., 979/773-4640,, entrées from $9.


Addie said...

I love it: entrees start at $9.

Do you have a link?

Drew Thornley said...

Ha! Yeah, I seriously doubt the word "entree" has ever been uttered at Snow's. Yeah, the title of the blog post and "Budget Travel" (within the post) should link to the article.