Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best of 2009 Awards!!!

It's that time again. We've all been waiting for it (and by "we," I mean "I," but hope the same is true for you). It's time to hand out our Best of 2009 awards. Last year, we doled out eight Best of 2008 awards, but this year, we'll be giving out 11 awards:

1. Best Pork Chop
2. Best Pork
3. Best Turkey
4. Best Chicken
5. Best Beef Ribs
6. Best Pork Ribs
7. Best Sausage
8. Best Brisket
9. Best Service
10. Best Atmosphere
11. Best Overall

For the winners of the first 8 categories (the menu items), I averaged every score for that item (for each place) for the entire year - provided that that particular item was tried by at least two people. I will list the top 3 for each category. For the final 3 categories (service, atmosphere, and overall), each person who made at least 3 Man-Up outings was asked to list his/her top 3 choices for each category. First-place votes receive 5 points, second-place votes get 3 points, and third-place votes get 1 point. The points for each joint are then added, to give us the top 3. Tomorrow, we're announcing Best Pork Chop, and we'll roll out the other ten throughout January, so stick with us!

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Nothing related to your post...but, ROLL TIDE ROLL!