Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009: Burnet Feed Store BBQ (Burnet, Texas)

Over the holidays, Todd, Jason, Amir, and John hit up Burnet Feed Store BBQ, after hitting some golf balls. Here are emailed reviews from Todd and Jason and scores from all 4:

Todd: “While Burnet Feed Store may not be the best BBQ in central TX, they are certainly on the right track. The location (right off US-281) can't be missed and is a great looking and rather large building, heck even John Wayne graces the lobby! They have a good selection of meats and sides complimented with 4 types of cobblers, that's right 4 types! I personally think the pricing is a bit high, but that's just one opinion. This place is a solid BBQ place, can't wait to see where it goes. Make sure you visit the outhouse when visiting.”

Jason: “This place is solid! Moistest brisket of 2009!!! No joke! 10 for tenderness of the moist brisket! By far the juiciest, and moist brisket I've had all year! This place is a sleeper. The taste of the brisket was a little bland, but the moistness made up for it! The BBQ sauce they have was nice and tasty, tangy BBQ sauce! Pork ribs were chewy but not in a bad way, gave it character. I enjoyed very much, def rivals any of the other top pork rib places. Turkey was also excellent. Good flavor, and not rubbery. Moist and tender! I will come here again!!!”

Todd’s scores – Brisket: 9.2; Pork ribs: 8.5; Chicken: 9; Blackberry cobbler: 9.4; Iced tea: 9.3; Service: 9.4; Atmosphere: 9.3; Overall experience: 9

Jason’s scores – Brisket: 9.8; Pork ribs: 9.2; Turkey: 9.3; Peach cobbler: 9; Sauce: 9.5; Atmosphere: 9.7; Overall experience: 9.5

Amir’s scores – Brisket: 9.5; Pork ribs: 8; Sausage: 7; Beans: 8.5; Cobbler: 8; Overall experience: 8.5

John’s scores – Brisket: 9.7; Pork ribs: 9; Chicken: 8; Atmosphere: 9.7; Overall experience: 9.3

Overall Man-Up Score: 9.075

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I kept hearing great things about this place. We finally ate there last week. It was GREAT! We loved how they kept the feed store/country charm. In fact, one of the employees was cleaning the dining room while wearing a giant red cowboy hat. It made my day. Restaurant was very clean, great customer service and the brisket/turkey was excellent. We USED to be regulars at Rudy's BBQ & Opie's, but we'll now be regulars at the Burnet Feed Store BBQ. As for pricing, I have to disagree - we've paid a lot more at other locations. Yet, they lacked the clean and friendly atmosphere.
Overall rating: 10