Monday, May 24, 2010

Austin Chronicle's Best BBQ

2010 Readers Poll: Barbecue

Winner: The Salt Lick

Runners-up: Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q, County Line

Honorable Mention: Lamberts, Iron Works BBQ, Ruby's BBQ

Okay, I've got a few "Are. You. Kidding. Me?" reactions to this. Anyone know what all was considered "Austin" for purposes of the voting? Clearly, the poll wasn't just on BBQ joints in Austin proper, b/c The Salt Lick was picked. In a couple of the categories for "Critics Picks," joints in Lexington and Lockhart were chosen. Could you vote on places that far from Austin in the readers poll? Were Lockhart, Taylor, Spicewood, Elgin, Luling and other places within an hour fair game? Anyway, what say you? How did the Chronicle's readers do on this?


Frank said...

Franklin is my new favorite!

Jacob said...

Just look at the top 3! These are the same people that think Two and a Half Men is the best show on television, Lady Gaga the top recording artist, and Avatar was the greatest movie of all time (yeah I went there).

JPa said...

best coffee was Starbucks... WOW!!!
really starbucks?

Ryan said...

I can understand Rudys, but not the rest as the top. These types of contests are always popularity based. Everyone knows Salt Lick. It's the most well know Texas BBQ joint in the country. But I agree, Franklin's is the clear winner hands-down. Rudy's is right there with their consistently awesome grub.

Anonymous said...

com on folks
is the austin chronicle your go to for bbq info. I trust them for things like best herb bar ect.

Don O. said...

Don't forget there is a Salt Lick location IN Austin. Maybe that was the one they were choosing, not the original. Depends on how they define it. Kreuz jalapeno sausage is the best in DFW, but only because I have some in my freezer. :)