Saturday, May 29, 2010

J-Pa lunches at Franklin.

Jason hit up lunch at Franklin Barbecue last Friday. Here's his review and a pic:

So last Friday I had the opportunity to venture to Franklin bbq w/ my co-workers. Having gone last week w/ some of them and waiting quite a while in line; we decided to go earlier this time. We arrived at approximately 10:55 and there was a line of people already there!! After about a 5 - 10 min wait; I got in line and ordered a Brisket Sandwich and one pork rib. I must say today the brisket was exceptional!!!! Very exceptional. Might have been the best brisket I've had this year. Yep! 10! Man this was super moist and just very flavorful! It was AWESOME!!! Pork rib was excellent as well 9.5. Overall a great experience as usual; since we got there early and didn't have to wait 20+ min my overall exp will be high at a 9.6.

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