Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Queue up The Q Card

I recently announced the coming of The Q Card, our Texas BBQ discount card. The $10, good-for-a-year card will entitle cardholders to all kinds of discounts and deals from Texas BBQ joints, caterers, online BBQ sauce vendors, etc. Here's the low down, as of today:

  • We started lining up participating businesses about 3 weeks ago and currently have 14 BBQ joints in 12 cities (Austin, Belton, Boerne, Jefferson, Kerrville, Lexington, Lockhart, San Angelo, San Antonio, Taylor, Tyler, and Victoria) on board. For the list of affiliates, click here. If your favorite joints aren't on the list, encourage them to become affiliates!

  • We have several more joints that have indicated they wish to be a part, but they haven't submitted their discount/deal, so they're not on the site yet. Stay tuned.

  • We expect to start selling cards in early June (hopefully the first week of June). You can purchase cards from us (via PayPal on and/or via email), and you can also buy cards from whichever affiliates stock them in their restaurant.

  • Cards will be good for a year, but the first batch of cards will be good through October 31, 2011 (roughly 16 months), so as to allow a cushion, as we continue to sign up affiliates.

  • All potential affiliates (restaurants, caterers, online retailers, etc.): In the upper-right corner of the website, you can click on a PDF that contains all of the program information, as well as the affiliate application. Or just click here.

  • Anyone (affiliates, charities, groups, individuals) can purchase cards from us at discounts (based on quantity ordered) and then sell the cards at face value, for a profit. This is a great fundraising opportunity, so email us, if you're interested in making some money selling the cards.

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