Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing The Q Card

Time to introduce The Q Card. The concept is simple: Buy a card, and start racking up discounts and deals from your favorite Texas BBQ joints and other fine purveyors of all things Texas BBQ. We haven't started lining up the participating businesses but will begin doing so today (Check for updates via The Q Card's Twitter page, and follow us on Facebook). You'll be able to find all of the discounts/deals on The Q Card website.

And if you want to make some money, you can buy them in bulk, at a discount, and sell them for face value, at a profit. If (1) you want to reserve a card, (2) are a business and would like to participate in the program, or (3) want to stock the cards to sell, just email us. Here's the skinny:

What is The Q Card?

Only the simplest way to get discounts and deals on all things Texas BBQ. The $10 card is good for a year and entitles you to a long line of smoky savings. Simply visit, and search for savings near you.

Where can you use it?

At any Texas BBQ joint, vendors, caterers, or retailers who signs on as an affiliate. Look for The Q Card's point-of-purchase displays and official-affiliate stickers around town. When you find one, we wholeheartedly endorse your making a boisterous cry of “Cha-ching!”

How do you get one of these bad boys?

Cards may be purchased directly from us or from BBQ joints and other business that choose to stock the cards. Ten bucks is all it takes to get your piece of the pie.


Doug Zedler said...

Very cool. I'll be keeping an eye on this to see what discounts might be offered in the Fort Worth area. Thanks!

Drew Thornley said...

Thanks, Doug! If you're up for helping line up some DFW joints, shoot me an email.

Scott Robinson said...

Who's on board in the Austin area?

Drew Thornley said...

Not announcing until a good # of completed applications are submitted, but you'll probably be pleased!

jdinflatables said...

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