Wednesday, April 14, 2010

J-Pa's latest visit to Franklin Barbecue

Recent email from Jason:

Today I went to Franklin Barbecue for lunch; took my co-worker telling him this place was legit! We arrived pretty early in my opinion but maybe not early enough. @ about 11:30am there was already a pretty lengthy line ahead of us.

Some 10 – 15 folks; we waiting in line for a good while; but all it did was make me hungrier! Today I ordered the two meat plate; brisket and pork ribs w/ a side of cole slaw and potato salad! The ribs were out of this world today!!! Super moist/ fall off the bone and great flavor of rub and char! I give the pork ribs a 9.6 Brisket was also quality as usual; going w/ the moist brisket, today the brisket was a tad on the dry side for me but still excellent flavor 9.4 overall 9.5!

Great trip today and perfect weather for bbq! The line after I was done eating was so much worse than when I got there…Word’s getting out Franklin Barbecue is good!

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