Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Man Up: Bo Joseph

Hometown: Born in Houma, LA, grew up in Buda, TX. Currently, I am laissez les bons temps rouller en Texas.

Occupation: Gerry Spence said it best, “I represent and obtain justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and protect the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression.”

Favorite joint(s): Currently my favorite joint has to be Franklin. I mean, come on, I can literally walk to it! All in all my favorite BBQ places have to be Salt Lick (I basically graduated from there), Louie Mueller, and Blacks.

Favorite order(s): Brisket (fatty, burnt ends, sometimes referred to as deckle), ribs and if a place is known for theirs – sausage. I also like to dabble in trying various sides at different places but do not put much emphasize on them. Except of course, when I am at the Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall because the cowboy baked beans in the petite black kettle are (1) easily the best thing there, and (2) the only thing they won’t run out of.

How would you pick between BBQ and Cajun/Creole, all things being equal? Why pick? There is no way to compare the experience of gathering a group of friends and driving through the Texas hill country rounding the corner of 1826 and immediately smelling the smoke of the Salt Lick, closing your eyes to remember the last time you were there then opening them to be crushed by the shear amount of cars in the parking lot and realizing your wait will be over an hour and praying they have the lemonade stand working – to – Mardi Gras week and hearing RP’s creative and never ending use of the phrase “who dat” (don’t believe me, see his questions below!) and attempting to eat at all 5 of Austin’s Cajun restaurants in a four day span all while still on cloud 9 from the New Orleans Saints superbowl victory! One brings out boots, and cowboy hats, pearl snaps and smoky clothes, high school football and Lockhart. The other crawfish and who dat, rue de bourbon and etouffe, New Orleans Jazz and absinthe. All in all the best part of food are the people you share it with.

Favorite Man-Up outing and/or memory? There have been tons of great Man-Up memories, and it’s almost way too difficult to pick a favorite. Such times as: being asked to be a judge at the first ever (and I’m sure not last) Gettin’ Sauced! contest; randomly eating BBQ at Franklin and hearing people whom I never met behind me describing their joy at reading the blog; Russell informing the entire restaurant at The Smokehouse in San Antonio regarding the new tax rebate for house purchasing, my first man-up trip ever when Mr. Black showed us tremendous hospitality and informed me there is light at the end of the tunnel when I found out he is a retired attorney running a BBQ joint. But without question my favorite man-up outing and/or memory brings us back to Black’s, and to this:

So, I took Beyonce’s advice

Where do you get your inspiration for writing haikus and songs for your Man-Up reviews? How do you do it, Bo? I will paraphrase Johnny Carson on this one – just hang out with our group of friends, eat the good BBQ that we eat, talk to the genuine passionate BBQ enthusiasts we have the pleasure of meeting – and the haikus and songs write themselves.

Questions from others in the group…


What are your top 3 BBQ joints? In no particular order, (1) Black’s, (2) Franklin, (3) The Salt Lick.

Sauce or no sauce? I personally enjoy BBQ sauce. I even enjoy BBQ sauce without BBQ. But the meat should be tender and flavorful enough to not need sauce. And the sauce itself should not be overpowering but yet compliment the meat. Also, different sauce for different meats – see Franklins espresso sauce, hot sauce, sweet sauce, and pork sauce – it hits all the spots.

What's your favorite meat? Brisket? Ribs? Sausage? Brisket. I like the challenge. Ribs and sausage don’t take much more than heat to make them taste good. Brisket is by far the most challenging. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes skill. It takes trials and tribulations. I appreciate those who can do it well.

Beer, iced tea, Coke, Dr. Pepper with your BBQ? Or other? I’m from the Deep South – big red.


Who dat? Is dat dat? No seriously, who dat say Austin don't have better food & more food variety than New Orleeeeans?? Is there even decent BBQ in Louisiana??? Come on, up & say it like it is! :) I feel like I am responding to a set of interrogatories on this one. I will treat this question as three distinct subparts:

Who dat? Is dat dat? Who dat is obviously dat dat. Who would even ask dat?

Who dat say Austin don’t have better food & more variety than New Orleeeeans?? Ok, hold on a minute my good friend. Are we talking straight up just BBQ here, or all around food? I assume this question purports to get my views on food in general, ‘cause the next question seems to concern the comparison of Louisiana and Texas BBQ. If we be talking ‘bout food in general – well then, I love Texas, but when it comes to food there is no comparison. And RP, my friend, you will find out soon enough on our scheduled excursion about the wonderful food of New Orleans!!!

Is there even decent BBQ in Louisiana??? Come on, Broseph…man up & say it like it is! :) True statement – I am gonna man up and say that I have never even eaten at a BBQ restaurant in Louisiana. I just can't get past the boudin balls, etouffe, gumbo, shrimp and grits, crawfish, red beans and rice, po boys and muffalettas. But I am sure coo yan BBQ is way past decent. I issue a challenge, when we are there – let's man up at a joint and see!!!!


Dry rub or sauced up? Not a big fan of the dry rub – just get it all sauced up for me. Or, just inject it with some Tony C’s.!

There you have it, folks. Bo Joseph. Any questions?


RP said...

It's official now: Bo is the coolest Cajun dat I know. Moreover, to top it off, he even protects people from corporate oppression (me) and government oppression (Dana). Basically, Bo knows BBQ and Cajun food, and he's doing the Lord's work! And that's awesome.

The Waspy Redhead said...

The man, the myth... The legend! Fun feature.

Christopher Kuehl (Black's Barbecue) said...


That's an awesome article, and we appreciate the mentions of Black's. We hope to see you in Lockhart again sometime soon!

alouise0027 said...

i liked the beyonce was a nice touch! :)

Drew Thornley said...

Yeah, I thought some ladies might like that, so I took the liberty to add it.