Monday, April 12, 2010

Street BBQ and kissing the days of anonymity goodbye

Last Thursday, Brad and I headed downtown to see Lucero, the one band we both like. We parked a few blocks away and, on our walk to Emo's, passed a Bar-B-Q Heaven, a BBQ trailer on Red River that we'd never seen. We stopped to say "hello" and tell them about the blog and gauge their interest in the saver's program we're gonna roll out in a few weeks.

Glenn, fast at work on the wood out back, was quite gracious, not letting us leave without brisket and chopped beef sandwiches. We'd both already eaten and weren't hungry but polished those bad boys off by the time we made it to the door at Emo's. We each had half of each sandwich, and neither of us could pick which one we liked better; but they were both pretty good - which is saying something, b/c, again, we weren't hungry. BTW, gotta love a BBQ joint with peanut butter behind the counter, even if it isn't crunchy.

In case you're wondering, the Lucero concert was fantastic. Not one boring moment, full of energy, every song awesome. Loved the sax and horn. Brad took a Man-Up koozie to use at the show but didn't return home with it. Why? Gave it to Lucero's frontman, Ben Nichols. Here's how it happened:

Drew & Brad leave Emo's and pass Ben on the sidewalk.

Ben (in our direction): "No way. Are you the BBQ bloggers?"

Brad, annoyed, rolls his eyes. Drew, picking up his pace: "No, man. I think you've got us confused with someone else. Good show, though."

Ben: "No, wait. You're Drew and Brad, right, the guys from Man Up Texas BBQ?"

Drew and Brad, feeling generous, stop to chat. Brad: "Ya, dude, that's us."

Ben: "Wow, this is awesome. I'm a huge fan. We check your blog every day, even when we're on the road. We wake up and can't wait to see what you're up to that day. We always talk about the blog on stage but didn't tonight, b/c since we're in Austin, we figured everyone already knows about it. Can we hit up some BBQ with you next time we're in town?"

Brad: "Sure, Ben."

Ben: "And start blogging for you?"

Drew: "Don't push it, Ben."

Ben: "You're right. I got ahead of myself. Won't happen again."

So, it didn't go down like that. At all. But at least we sent Lucero back on the road with a koozie.

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