Thursday, April 29, 2010

BBQ sauce review: Cousin Leroy's

A few weeks ago, my buddy Jim, over at Habana House, said a friend of his had dropped off a couple of his BBQ sauces at the shop, for us to try out. I'd been waiting for a time when several of us were together, so when we got together on Thursday to taste test the pulled pork from Meyer's, it seemed like a good time to break out the sauces. Cousin Leroy dropped off two of his five sauces: Spicy and Mustard Mop. We tried each one with bread and crackers, since the pulled pork was already mixed with sauce. Here's what folks had to say about Cousin Leroy's sauces, along with some pics:


"Just enough spice. Love it!!!"

"Maybe too spicy. A 'lil goes a long way for sure!"

"A tad sweet but the right amount of spice. Works well mixed with the mustard sauce."

"Perfect! Love the spice. I could see using it on a lot of different dishes, other than BBQ. By the way, the sauces are unbeatable, when mixed together!!!"

"I like to mix them, as one is too spicy , and the other is too sweet/burnt, but the mix is delish!"

Mustard Mop

"I don't like the initial sweetness, but I like the spice on the back end. Would go well with grilled chicken."

"Burnt honey mustard." (and then a picture of a frown)

"I like burnt honey mustard, but it is too mustardy."

"Strong mustard taste at first. Turns into a nice sauce, especially for things like pork and chicken. I could see it as a great baste in preparing white meat for the grill."

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