Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chopped-brisket sandwich & pork rib at Best of Texas Bar-B-Que (Bandera, TX)

Doni Simmons had a successful career touring far and wide as an Elvis tribute artist, and now he's making music from a BBQ pit. After closing his BBQ joint in the Houston area, he has set up shop on the outskirts of Bandera, Texas. If I'm correct, when I stopped in, they had been open just 3 months. He had one front-of-the-house staffer, but it was just him in the back. I watched him slice and then chop the brisket for my sandwich and the pork rib off a fresh rack. I would (and will, next time I'm in) order both again. (I took the rib to go and ate it that night, after heating it in the oven.) I didn't try the sauce, because the sandwich didn't need any. Factoring price, quantity, & quality, it was one of the best CB sandwiches I've had. The only thing I didn't like about my meal was the iced tea. Like most places' tea, way too weak and watered down. Tea should be dark brown. Steep those leaves good and strong, people!!!

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