Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BCS BBQ Baked Potato

Snagged a BBQ baked potato during half time last night at the Superdome. The nice ladies at the Saint Jack's Barbeque concession stand let me go half pulled pork, half sliced brisket. The sweet lady in the back who fixed it burned her elbow while doing so & wanted me to kiss it & make it all better. Of course, I did. Anyway, getting that bad boy back to my seat was a chore (slippery floors, steeeeeeeep steps, rowdy fans), but I rose to the occasion, sorta like my Crimson Tide, who put an epic beatdown on the Tigers. More on that shortly. Meats weren't fatty at all. Didn't toss aside any of it. Nice sauce on the brisket. Dark, tangy. Not sweet, thankfully. The meat servings weren't skimpy, which was good, since I paid just under $10 for it. Wasn't the best potato I've had in my life, but I ate it all & enjoyed it. Perhaps I would've enjoyed almost anything, considering the complete domination Bama was inflicting on LSU. Like the potato, Bama's defense was loaded and salty. And like the potato, this New Orleans trip was worth every penny. As is Nick Saban. Roll. Tide.

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