Monday, January 9, 2012

Pulled-pork tacos at Squeal (New Orleans, LA)

After walking for almost an hour down St. Charles, I finally hailed a taxi for the remainder of the trek to lunch at Squeal Bar-B-Q (8400 Oak St.) in New Orleans. I liked the feel of the place immediately, as there was a smoker putting out some nice smoke on the front lawn of the red-house restaurant. I met one of the 3 brothers who owns Squeal. From New Orleans, but he went to high school in San Antonio, so we chatted a little Texas BBQ. I wanted gumbo and brisket, but they were out of each. So, I opted for pulled-pork tacos. Tasty & a great value for the $6.95 price tag. 3 grilled-corn tortillas, with a healthy mound of pulled pork & horseradish coleslaw. Got the homemade chipotle sauce on the side. Would've liked sliced pickles on it. Side note: If you're into fried food, I saw a couple of orders of their Smoked Pork Cakes and their Black-Eyed Pea Egg Rolls, & they looked good. And from the reactions of the patrons eating them, apparently they are.

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Anonymous said...

I so hate you for being at this I type this, it's 12-0!

Anonymous said...

This now reminds me of the 1992 National went to the game and I didn't. Oh well, ROLL TIDE!!!