Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dai Due Hunting School (Medina, TX)

A couple of weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published a full-page article on Dai Due's hunting school in Medina, Texas, run by a guy from Austin. The author, who attended one of the weekend schools, writes: "I was at Madroño Ranch: 1,500 acres of prime Texas Hill Country, home to a herd of approximately 44 bison as well as countless visiting boar and deer who travel over its low fence. Usually the site of an environmentally focused arts residency program, a few weekends a year it hosts a destination hunting school. Hog School is organized by Jesse Griffiths, owner of Austin's Dai Due butcher shop and supper club, author of 'Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish' and, to those in the butchery know, a figure considered to be something of a rock star." The school takes attendees on hunts and teaches them the process of butchering and preparing the kill for the dinner table. For information on upcoming schools, see here. The article (which gives some love to Black's Barbecue in Lockhart) has a sidebar, with some quick information. It reads,

"The Lowdown: Dai Due School in Medina, Texas

Getting There: Madroño Ranch in Medina, Texas, is an easy drive from either San Antonio (about 1½ hours) or Austin (about 2½ hours). Major airlines serve airports in both cities.
Getting Ready: Guests are required to have a Texas hunting license; a nonresident five-day license will set you back $48 and can be ordered online through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (tpwd.state.tx.us). If you're starting off in Austin, consider a trip down to the Lone Star Gun Range near Lockhart, about an hour south of town. After your practice, head into Lockhart for barbecue at Black's (215 North Main St., blacksbbq.com ).
What to Bring: Layered hunting garb—camouflage and earth tones are recommended, along with sturdy boots. A camera and notebook are useful for the butchering and cooking classes.
Getting In: Dai Due runs a handful of weekend-long events each year. The next hunting event, Jan. 18-20, is already full. Check the listings on the Dai Due website ( daidueaustin.net ) and sign up for their mailing list to learn about upcoming slots. Weekends cost $1,875."

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