Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make your Super Bowl Sunday epic with Visa!!!

Last month, I had the honor and pleasure of being filmed for Visa's "Make it Epic" Super Bowl campaign.  I had a wonderful time spending the day in New York City with some of the others who were part of the two days of filming. The campaign is all about how to make your Super Bowl Sunday - WHICH IS THIS SUNDAY, PEOPLE!!! - an epic day. From the ambiance to the attire to the food, Visa is asking people how they plan to make their Super Bowl Sunday a day to remember. Oh, and they're giving away cool stuff, so tweet #Visa (with the hashtag #makeitepic) and let them know how you plan to make your Super Bowl Sunday epic. And check out Visa on Facebook. Anyway, back to the filming. I was lucky enough to make it into a few a the videos. Here's the one that is just me...

Here's one I'm in with former NFL star running back Marshall Faulk...

And here's one I'm in with several others, including 3-time Super Bowl champion and current ESPN NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth!

There are several other videos, so be sure to check them out on YouTube. My sincere thanks to Visa and everyone who took part in this. It was such a treat, and I am excited to see the finished products. Don't forget to let Visa know how you plan to make this Super Bowl Sunday an epic day...I hope you win something! And have a great time this Sunday. Make it epic!!!

*DISCLOSURE: I am blogging on behalf Visa's "Make it Epic" campaign and will receive compensation for my time & contribution to their campaign, but the thoughts, words, and promotions on this page are mine, not Visa's.)

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