Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yesterday's lunch at People's Barbeque (Miami, FL)

On the way out of town, I stopped at the BBQ joint that was the closest I could find to my hotel in downtown Miami: People's Barbeque. Right under I-95, on the outskirts of downtown, this was the type of food I grew up on in Alabama: BBQ & soul food. There were no tourists in the place. Definitely a spot for locals. No frills. You can go through the line and/or order off the menu. The only tea they serve is sweet tea. Very Southern. They cook with oak wood, and their sauce is mustard-based. Just like I like it. The chicken was good. The thigh was okay, but the leg was outstanding. Moist, flavorful. The pork was a overcooked and tough, though I liked the crispy outside. The cornbread muffin and sides were delicious. Black-eyed peas with the cornbread felt like home. The collard greens were absolutely wonderful. Proprietor George Lewis was a delight to meet and chat with. The staff were friendly. Service was great. If I'm back in Miami, I'll go back.

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