Thursday, November 26, 2009

Man Up gives thanks for...

Dana: Having my wisdom teeth out during Thanksgiving break when no man-up trips were planned!

Russell: My freedom to not be constrained by teeth issues so I can eat all the Texas BBQ for Turkey Day I want!

Brad: Russelisms and texting.

Drew: Free iced-tea refills; wherever you can smoke cigars indoors; any Man-Up review by Bo or Travis; people who follow the rule that the left side of an airport moving walkway is for walking, not standing; peanut butter and multi-grain saltine crackers; the fact that Russell doesn't have an inside voice; The Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle.

Mark: Vacuum tumblers and people who make me food.

Todd: An extended battery so I can read Riley's review from Snow's and that Obama only has 1150 days left in office.

Travis: Bo, and everything that he knows; Russell, and his fashion sense, which includes his ability to wear a head-mounted lamp with any get-up; Drew, and his ability to make smoking a cigar whilst working through a crossword puzzle a refined activity; Brad’s beard and his writing bicycle directions on hands; Chipotle; Mark Dalton marrying up, like I did; Todd Plunk, because he throws more Conservative bombs on Facebook than anyone I know; Dana’s missing wisdom teeth; Rogaine.

Man Up: Our blog readers, Facebook group members, Twitter followers, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and everyone who cooks and serves Texas BBQ.

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RP said...

TB clearly confused the task with the 12 days of Christmas...but love this holiday feature!