Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Stubb's or not to Stubb's? That is the question.

Recently, Jason sent me this email:

"Guys, I ate at stubb’s this past Friday and I must say… we need to go there! I was quite impressed w/ what I had. I didn’t think it’d be good...but man was I wrong. Sausage is $! Brisket is average. And pork rib was tasty!!!! I propose a manup trip to the legendary Stubbs BBQ!"

This got me thinking about how we're in Austin and have never made a Man-Up trip to Stubb's Bar-B-Que, which is in downtown Austin. I've been to Stubb's twice. Once was years ago, well before I moved to Austin. The other was after I moved to Austin, but I just ordered a stew. Both visits underwhelmed me, at best. I guess that's why I haven't proposed a Stubb's visit. But, then again, neither has anyone else, until Jason's email.

So, I want to hear your thoughts on Stubb's. How does it stack up in the grand scheme of Texas BBQ? How does it fare against other Austin joints?


casey said...

ehhh...I haven't been too impressed. The brisket is typically dry and not too smokey. Stubb's is really about the music.

Drew Thornley said...

Yeah, the only talk I ever hear about Stubb's is about concerts or their Sunday gospel brunch.

RP said...

To appease Jason, I suggest we Man Up on the Gospel brunch at some point just for the experience...but my expectations of Stubbs' Q will be pretty low based on past sampling data.

Let's go first Sunday you get back into town Drewski!

El Smokeador said...

ive eaten at stubbs inside prior to many concerts when i was in austin. never had a problem with it, but it also never made my pants tight in that special way.

that said, i would gladly drive an hour to llano or luling when i am in austin for q.

Drew Thornley said...

Well, just let us know when that is, so we can carpool!