Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More from Sweet Home Alabama

I'm invoking blogger's privilege, as I rarely do, to post about non-Texas BBQ. Pipe down, peeps - we'll return to business as usual tomorrow.

The Man-Up godfather himself, Russell, joined me this past weekend in Orange Beach, Alabama. Naturally, we hit up some BBQ for lunch on Saturday. After a good visit there earlier in the week (pic here), I took him to Moe's. His review: "For someone hungry to try some Bama beach BBQ, Moe’s was really a fun place to eat. Cool southern beach atmosphere for sure. (9.75) The sides were truly southern and really the highlight for me, as I loved the carrot soufflé and black eyed peas mixed with greens! (9.95) Turkey was very good. (9.35) Cornbread also very good. (9.35) The pulled pork was good, not great. (8.65) Ribs were funkEEEE for sure - over salted and over cooked I think. (3.5) Overall (8.65)." For the record, the ribs were not that bad.

With the coming of Hurricane Ida, I split from the coast early Monday morning and headed to my hometown. As luck would have it, this put me right at one of my favorite Alabama BBQ joints at noon - just in time to stop and get what is arguably the best pork BBQ sandwich in Alabama. Kendall's BBQ is small, window-service shack, next to a gas station off Interstate 35 in Georgiana (Exit 114). I devoured my outside-cut pork sandwich at one of their picnic tables (the only seating at Kendall's). Their sandwich is simple: bread (maybe the softest white bun in the contiguous 48), pork, sauce, and 2 pickles. Perfect ratio of sauce to pork. They call it a "chopped" pork sandwich, but it's more "chunked" than "chopped." Most "chopped" sandwiches are really just "shredded." At Kendall's, they're actual chunks of pork - in my case, smokey, outside chunks of swiney bliss. See for yourself...


Unknown said...

Russell, is that my Man-Up shirt?

RP said...

It's mine now...I've adversely possessed it! In all seriousness, though, you're man up shirt is now famous (if not infamous) in Alabama and Florida.