Friday, December 23, 2011

Lunch at Saw's BBQ (Homewood, AL)

On Wednesday, I had my first meal at Saw's BBQ (Homewood, AL). I pass it every time I go to Birmingham and always intend to stop. Finally did. It's a small joint. One room and a bathroom. Alabama football memorabilia all over the walls, and the lady running the place had a Crimson Tide shirt on. So, right out of the gate, we're in good shape. I wanted a sandwich but couldn't decide between the pulled pork or the smoked chicken with white BBQ sauce. They're the same price, but I was told I couldn't do half and half. I never understand that. Same price! Anyway, I got the pulled pork with pickles. Sauce on the side. I like the simplicity of the sandwich. Bun, pork, pickles. Bun was soft. Pork wasn't dry, but I should've asked for outside pieces, so I could've gotten more flavor. Poured some sauce (very thin) on the side of the basket and simply dabbed the top piece of the bun in it. Liked it. Got turnip greens for my side. A tad sweet for my taste. Only ate a few bites. The iced tea was a homerun: awesome crushed ice; and, unlike most every other place I visit, they brewed it strong enough that it didn't simply look like dirty water. Meal was $9 + tax. I'll go back.

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