Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew opens in Austin!

At this very minute (11:00 AM), Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew is opening its doors in Austin! Our man Jacob is, of course, first in line. I look forward to seeing his pics and reading his review. They're open 'til 9PM, folks. 6610 N. Lamar in the Violet Crown Shopping Center. Welcome to Austin, Stiles Switch!!!


slowcoooked said...

On my way down lamar headed to Lucy's Fried Chicken from up in the NACA hood I passed Stiles Switch and saw with delight patrons, so I changed my lunch plans and we tried it.

Best: Brisket: I order the money cut every time - fatty crusty beef please! It could have used a touch more salt (and I think Rudy's is too salty for my palate), but other than that it had a deep well developed crust and a nicely penetrant smoke ring. This stuff melted in my mouth and I think is well on par with the best this town has to offer up at Franklin's and John's place. Dare I say better? Who cares, when it's this effing good, we're needlessly quibbling. The pic of my lunch is attached.

Almost best: Sausage: They have three varieties, all of which I think they make in house. I had the "thorndale" link, they also have a jalapeno variety and another, the switch I think it's called. Anyway, the thorndale was just as I like it, pretty grainy / meaty and not too greasy, lovely flavor and smoke. I'm pretty sure it was beef (embarrassed I can't say for sure it wasn't a combo of meats). I quite enjoyed it and so did my lunch date, she doesn't usually go for smoked sausages. I found it to be reminiscent of southside's in texture, another fine link.

Mediocre: Pork Ribs - St. Louis style ribs. These had decent smoke flavor, and couldn't be eaten with spoons as you can with Franklin's. But for those that like a little more bite to the meat in terms of texture, these were not tough by any means. My problem with them: bland. just bland. Sadly. They'll need to step up the flavors for these to be on par with their other offerings.

Sides: The potato salad was really eggy and made with French's mustard, I enjoyed it. The cole slaw is savory not sweet, with a light mayo dressing and strong on the black pepper. I loved it.

Sauce: was good too, just a tad sweeter than John's and slightly thicker. Not as inventive as the espresso sauce, but solid. I usually don't eat sauce, but needed it on the pork.

Verdict: Solid A- performance out of the gate! Nice work fellas. But fix those ribs up.

Drew Thornley said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about it. I appreciate it!!!

The Frank Five said...

This place was great. The brisket was really good and had a nice flavor. I opted for the beef sausage which I preferred over the pork/beef blend my buddy got. These guys are starting strong and I fully expect the food to get even better. The place itself is great. A little more north for us suburbanites, tons of parking and seating. Nice large flat screens and draft beer. This would be a great place on game day. While I give the nod to Franklin and JMueller as far as food goes Stiles Switch more than makes ups for it with the total package of food, location, dining area, etc. assuming they continue to improve this place has potential to be a BBQSnob five star joint. Service was great and the overall experience was excellent. Due to where I live and work this will probably be my go to BBQ fix. Regardless I am stoked at the recent emergence of phenomenal BBQ in the ATX. Take that Lockhart!

Guitarzan said...

Just stopped there for brisket, and I have to strongly disagree. The brisket is no where near Franklin's and not even as good as Muehler's which I think is the second best in town.

I had the beans which reminded me of Ranch Style "Husband Pleasin'" beans. Unremarkable. However, I plan to return and try more of what they have to offer. Their brisket is better than Mann's, which has been the only other choice this far North. However, Mann's beans are far better than Stiles. I am not writing them off, but they have a way to go to compete with my favorites. As they are much closer to my house, I wish them every success.