Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBQ & the Big 12

In light of the unraveling of the Big 12 Conference, I figure I'd ask, while I still can, which Big 12 university is surrounded by the best BBQ. Surely it's UT, right? Can any other metro area hang with Austin and its environs? Will anyone try to make the case for a school other than UT?

So, which school is near the best BBQ? Here are your choices:

Baylor (Waco, TX)
Iowa State (Ames, IA)
Kansas State (Manhattan, KS)
Oklahoma State (Stillwater, OK)
Texas A&M (College Station, TX)
Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX)
Univ. of Colorado (Boulder, CO)
Univ. of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)
Univ. of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
Univ. of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)
Univ of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
Univ. of Texas (Austin, TX)


Frank M said...

After looking over the list, I'd say just call it the BBQ Conference(The Big 'Q')-that would do wonders for the marketing dept. of The Q Card!

Todd said...

The University of Texas = Austin. done.

Jacob said...

Having eaten at around 15 BBQ places in and around Lubbock, I sadly would say that Lubbock, TX does not have BBQ like Austin. The only thing that would make the top 3 if in Austin is TC Ponderosa which is about 30 mins outside of Lubbock (which is the best place I have eaten outside of the Hill Country). Wileys BBQ and Tom and Bingo's Hickory Pit are the only other worthwhile places in Lubbock.

Blue Moon said...

1. UT
2. A&M (closer to Lockhart & Luling than Waco is)
3. Baylor
4. Kansas (45 mins from Kansas City)

and then it is a looooonnnggg drop off - OU 5th?