Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reader Review: The Barbecue Station (Cuero, Texas)

Reviewed by: David McDonald (Giddings, TX)

Hwy. 77 south of I-10 is a long stretch without much in the way of BBQ. After intending to do so for years I scheduled an 11am stop at The Barbecue Station in Cuero. To keep it short I got the big brisket plate so did not try other meats. There was a good variety of decent sides to go along. Now down to that brisket. I was asked if I wanted lean or some fat and I got with fat. This brisket gave up just too easy so I suspect it was wrapped or steamed. Just not a proper texture but for sure not tough. It lacked any sense of seasoning and so the sauce and even the salt shaker were in use. Smoke flavor was faint. So to sum up: Not an elite brisket and maybe the other meats are better, but on that long stretch of road on the way to Corpus Christi this may just be a good alternative to some chain burger place.

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