Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turkey time

About to head to the store to get some things for a turkey concoction (that I came up with in my head - SCARY) I'll be preparing tonight for an online, turkey-recipe video contest. The video can be no more than 5 minutes, and the recipe must be one that takes no more than 1 hour (cooking time). Yours truly will be the 1 in front of camera acting like he has any idea what he's doing, while B-rad will be behind our never-before-used Flip camera. Details and pics, thoughts and reactions (and possibly recipe regrets) to come.


BBQ Snob said...

I'll see we'll be going beak-to-beak on this contest. Good luck.

Drew Thornley said...

Oh, c'mon!!! Who let Daniel in this thing? I thought I had a chance to win. Not cool.