Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sending Eric Church back to North Carolina with some Texas BBQ flair

Had the pleasure of seeing Eric Church play a small show in the KASE live-music lounge, while he was in Austin on Monday night. As we all know, Eric is a fan of "good barbecue," so it seemed like a good idea to send him back to his pork-loving home state of North Carolina with a Man-Up koozie. (Being from Alabama, I chatted with Eric about how I love pork, too. Sue me.) I didn't tell him about our Texas v. North Carolina round of Battle BBQ; but as I'm sure he now starts every day by reading the blog, he can now weigh in on the topic.


Dana said...

I love Eric Church! Hell on the Heart is like my most played on my ipod! So jealous -- glad he's a BBQ fan :).

Drew Thornley said...

Def my favorite one, too. I recorded it and will send it to you.

Dana said...

Woo hoo! Thanks!