Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reader Review: Chisholm Trail Lockhart Bar-B-Q & Hot Sausage (Lockhart, Texas)

Reviewed by: David McDonald (Giddings, TX)

Chisholm Trail Barbeque in Lockhart is the ultimate barbeque afterthought.I have been driving by for years and finally a business lunch took me there. The big question is, how do you make it in the same town as the lockhart Holy Trinity. I got some answers in the form of lots of sides, catfish, chicken fried steak and reasonable prices. Now about the barbeque. I got a brisket and sausage plate and the brisket is legitimate stuff which would be top shelf in lesser markets although a bit dry. I am going to assume the sausage I got was an accident. It was either a smoked sausage cooked on the pit or just a very over cooked fresh link. In other words the casing was a candidate for Tony Lama. All things considered I would probably stop here again if I went through Lockhart often, didnt have time to stand in line or was not looking for Que.


Anonymous said...

"Locals" always tell me Chisholm Trail is their favorite BBQ place in Lockhart.

I always ask why, to which they respond "the sides".

Which, to me, proves it's not the best *BBQ* place in town. (Although it is very good)

theboomtownkid said...

the Chisholm Trail chopped beef sandwich with pickles and mayo is the best bbq sandwich I've ever eaten. If you leave Chisholm Trail without getting that item, you are missing out.