Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jacob & friends: Teddy's review

Friday we arrived in Austin and Jacob had saved us a few pieces of Brisket from Franklins. Obviously eating the brisket cold was not the same experience as getting it warm, but it was still quite good. I will defiantly try to get into to Austin earlier next time so that I can try it again. We then went out to the Salt Lick in driftwood. I have been there many times before and while the BBQ may not be award winning, it is still a fantastic experience with a fun atmosphere.

Saturday, we got up early to head to Snow’s in Lexington. On the way there we pass through Elgin, so we had to stop by the Southside Market and get some Sausage. It was very good sausage. We even bought a few links to take back and cook ourselves. After the quick stop in Elgin we continued on to Lexington. Driving up to snows you wouldn’t expect you were about to eat the best BBQ in Texas, but once you step out of the car and take a smell of what is cooking you know you are in for a treat. I didn’t think that it could possibly live up to the hype surrounding it, but it really did. The brisket was excellent. It just melted in your mouth. Unfortunately, they had already run out of ribs, so we were unable to try those. After snows we headed to Giddings and went to city meat market. Everything was great but what stood out the most to me was there pork. It was very juicy and easily the best pork I have ever had. From there we went on to LaGrange and stopped at Prause Meat Market. By this point it was hard to think about eating more food after we had already had quite a bit of BBQ, but we ordered anyways and got Sausage and a little bit of burnt end brisket as they had run out of all the other brisket. The sausage was good, and unfortunately we didn’t get enough of the brisket to be able to form an opinion. The market also had lots of great pictures on the wall that were fun to walk around and look at. After this we were planning on heading Vincek’s in East Bernard. On the way, we stopped at a Buc-ee’s to fuel up before we continued on. I went in to look around and when I came back out Jacob had a plate full of BBQ from Austin’s Barbeque & Catering which was across the street. I had a piece of the brisket and a few bites of sausage; I was not very impressed with either. But to be fair I was a bit full and had been to some of the more stellar BBQ places in Texas already that day. After the surprise BBQ stop, we headed to Vincek’s smokehouse. It was a very nice atmosphere and we got a small sampling of the brisket and sausage. I think at this point I must have slipped into a meat coma because I can’t remember much about how the brisket and sausage were. I will have to stop by there again sometime when I am not already stuffed from 5 other BBQ stops. Overall the trip was amazing and I will definitely be trying to make a few more trips like this to hit up some of the other top 50 BBQ restaurants.

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