Saturday, September 25, 2010

J&J Breakfast BBQ & Burgers (Austin, Texas)

I should've learned by now to keep a camera in my car, for the unplanned stops. Last night was one of them. I was on West Parmer and saw a BBQ place on the left, so I U-turned it and stopped in for dinner at J&J Breakfast BBQ & Burgers. The place was clean, had plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and a couple of big tv screens (my beloved Red Sox thumping the Yankees on one of them, and the Horned Frogs and Mustangs getting under way on the other).

I ordered a pulled-pork sandwich and iced tea. The iced tea was weak (as it is at lots of places [perhaps a majority, even] - brew that stuff, people. Steep it. Tea should be dark!), but the sandwich wasn't. (I read a review from someone who found the pulled-pork sandwich to be so bad that she asked for her money back. Certainly not the case with mine.) I actually wouldn't call it pulled pork. When I think of "pulled" pork, I think of long, stringy pieces of pork that were, well, pulled piece by piece. This sandwich was chopped pork. It reminded me of the chopped pork shoulder sandwiches, with crusty ends, that I grew up eating in Alabama. The sandwich was excellent in its simplicity. Bun and pork. That's it. Good size. The size of a large sandwich at most of the places I go that offer small/regular and large sandwiches. I added pickles and sauce (which I thought was great), and the entire sandwich was piping hot. The pork itself wasn't outstanding, but the sandwich worked. $3.99 plus tax. If I'm ever in the area, I'll stop in again. Speaking of breakfast BBQ, I could down one right now, actually. Breakfast of champions. Again, didn't have a camera, so this phone pic is the best I could do:

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