Monday, September 27, 2010

QOTD: What's the best airport BBQ in the U.S.?

Following up on yesterday's post about my go-to BBQ spot in the Charlotte airport, today I ask where to find the best airport BBQ in the country. I can't suggest that Brookwood Farms is the best there is, b/c I haven't had all that there is. But, without a doubt, it is far and away the best airport BBQ I've had. What tops your list?

Harlon's or Pappas in Houston (IAH)?
Cousin's, Dickey's, or Railhead in Dallas (DFW)?
The Salt Lick in Austin (AUS)?
Corky's or Interstate in Memphis (MEM)?
Neely's or Whitt's in Nashville (BNA)?
Brookwood Farms in Charlotte (CLT) or Raleigh-Durham (RDU)?
Somewhere else?


Kimberly Finkel Davis said...

You can get Pappasitos at Hobby Airport in Houston.

Drew Thornley said...

No one has an airport favorite???

stew said...

Sadly, none of the choices at MEM, IAH, or DFW live up to their names - Interstate and Railhead are the closest to what they taste like outside the airport. Better bets are to pick up the Q before he airport - Pierson's near IAH; Corky's on Poplar for MEM; North Main near DFW

Drew Thornley said...

Do any of the places you mentioned, Stew, actually cook their meats at the airport? Or do they bring the cooked meats to the airport?

stew said...

I can't say for certain; but the only one that looked big enough to have a kitchen to do anything with was Interstate in MEM.