Friday, September 10, 2010

Speaking of giveaways...

I'm happy to announce our very first Non-Texas BBQ Giveaway! This first one is courtesy of BBQ Pro Shop, an online retailer of grills, BBQ tools, spices, rubs, sauces, and more. They're kind enough to donate two items for this giveaway, which runs through next Sunday (September 19): (1) a bottle of BBQ sauce from New York City's Hill Country Barbecue & (2) 1 shaker bottle of The Jerk rub from Plowboys BBQ.

To get your name in the hat, simply email me the answers to the following two questions (answers can be found on BBQ Pro Shop's website - first question is for the sauce; 2nd for the rub): Gretchen and Jeff own and run BBQ Pro Shop. (1) What well-known griller did Gretchen once work for? (2) What food business did Jeff work for, while growing up in Highwood, Illinois?

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