Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day trip done

Just walked in from my 5-hour round trip to Johnson City & Fredericksburg. Had lunch at Ronnie's BBQ in JC and Cranky Frank's Barbeque Company in F'burg. (Pictures from both to come.) I learned 3 things during my trip:

1. Railroad BBQ now has a 3rd location in Dripping Springs (other two: Kyle & Manchaca). The DS location took the place of Main St. BBQ, which took the place of Riley's Bar-B-Q.

2. The Peach Pit BBQ in F'burg is now called David's Old Fashioned Pit BBQ.

3. There's a BBQ joint inside a serice station on Hwy. 290 in Blanco County, just across the Hays County line. It's called Friday's, and the proprietor said has been serving BBQ for 40 years. He used to have a catering biz in Austin.


BBQ Snob said...

Surely you already knew about #3. I posted about Friday's way back in 2009.

Did the owner mention anything about Earl Campbell and the Farmall smoker in front?

Drew Thornley said...

DV: That was 2 years ago, so you gotta forgive me for the oversight!

Unknown said...

Drew did you try the smoked tenderloin at Opa's?