Saturday, April 9, 2011

K.C. Masterpiece: Master of BBQ Sauces?

This week, KC Masterpiece sent me samples of two of their new products: Southern Style Barbeque Sauce and Buffalo Marinade. Haven't tried either yet, but I'm curious what folks (particularly the Texans who are, no doubt, scoff at Kansas City BBQ "masterpieces" - oh, by the way, the KCM website says that KC is the "'cuing capital of America." Do you agree?) think of KCM's line of products. Does the name fit? Are they the gold standard of (at least, commercial) BBQ sauces? I'm getting Gettin' Sauced! entries from throughout the U.S. Maybe KCM will join the fun and enter one of more of their 8 sauces, so we can see how they measure up in blind taste testing.

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