Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday dinner and airport breakfast

I turned 30, during a trip home a couple of weeks ago. So, to celebrate, I went to Birmingham with my parents for dinner. Fine dining? Nope. White table cloth? Think again. All I needed to ring in the start of my 4th decade was some pulled pork, green vegetables, and iced tea. Full Moon Bar-B-Que was just the ticket. Pics are a bit fuzzy, but you get the, ummm, picture.

On my early-Sunday-morning layover at DFW, on the way back to Austin, I stopped into the Dickey's by Gate 19 in Terminal A (where I spent my layover heading to Alabama downing 4 large teas). Had a turkey biscuit and large iced tea (well, 3 of them). The biscuit was way too dry/chalky, so I ended up just eating the turkey, pickles, and a little sauce. The turkey was quite good.

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Angie Alvarado said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It's that year for all of us. :)