Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reader Review: Muck-N-Dave's BBQ (Austin, Texas)

Many thanks to Jacob Reach (one of the 3 winners in our Texas BBQ Giveaway from Black's Barbecue), who emailed me a review of, and pics from, his first visit to Austin's newest BBQ trailer: Muck-N-Dave's on South Congress.


I couldn't resist trying a new BBQ place in Austin downtown. I was so anxious to try it, I actually got there before they had food ready. I arrived at noon, and due to some set backs their "soft grand opening" was delayed a bit. He mentioned he would have food ready in an hour, so I told him I would wait and just be late back to work. He than got worried and mentioned it could be longer and he doesn't want me to be disappointed. He did however already have a brisket ready. So I sweet talked him a bit and we talked BBQ, and after I threatened to go to Franklin BBQ to eat and mentioned I had heard about his place opening from your blog, he decided to honor me with the first slice of brisket they ever served. He cut me off a few pieces including a small chuck of the burnt end, and gave me a scoop of potato salad and cole slaw.

The brisket itself had a great looking dark bark on it. The smoke ring wasn't very pronounced, and the meat looked like it could be a bit dry, but the fat sparkled and looked rendered, plus the meat separated easily, so I knew it would be ok. The dry rub was unique, it had a small bit of spiciness to it, and you could taste the smoke flavor in it. There is something about the rub that reminds me of another meat, but more tasting will be needed to pin point it. Meat itself could have been a bit more moist, but it still tasted good. Good smoke throughout the whole piece, and the fat had a buttery flavor to it and rendered nicely. The cuts they gave me were a bit from the lean end, but still had the strip of fat at the bottom, so it was a mix between a fatty piece and lean piece. I'm willing to bet a cut from the other end would be more moist and tender. Also I can't forget to mention the potato salad, which had big chunks of potato and a bit of spiciness and boldness to it. It was a dark red color, so it seems different than your typical mustard or mayo variety, but it still had the good home style taste with a bit or kick to it. I will be back tomorrow for a real full lunch (after all you can't judge a man's food on brisket alone, have to try the ribs and sausage, and yes even the sauce). He told me they will be serving both baby back ribs and spare ribs (pork in both obviously), sausage, and brisket. I look forward to it and will keep you updated and will happily provide you my take overall and per meat once I can try everything.

Jacob Reach

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