Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brady. BBQ. Boyhood.

I so enjoyed Ryan's recent comment about his fond memories of Mac's Barbeque, during his formative years in Brady, Texas, that I decided to give it a post of its own:

Ah, memories. I grew up in Brady, and my grandparents would go to Mac's for lunch every day except Sunday (when my grandmother would prepare a post-church feast) and Thursday (closed). They always sat in the same booth and ordered the same thing every time: brisket sandwiches.

Every morning (except Thursday, of course), my grandfather started his day at Mac's for coffee to talk about the weather, the stock (literally-livestock) market, and all the things one finds interesting in a small town.

Drew, you are correct sir: the atmosphere there has changed substantially post-remodel. Plus side: doesn't smell as much like cigarette smoke!

While by no means "fancy" BBQ, it is my ultimate notion of comfort food. I've heard a lot of people say that you can cook 50 different briskets and get 50 variations on taste/quality. Bull-hockey! I don't know how, but it has remained consistent for all of my 30 years. And that makes me smile.

My favorite memory was having lunch there with my grandparents when I was around 7 or 8. They bring out small plates with jalapenos and pickled carrots. My grandmother warned me that the carrots were "hot." I duly tested the temperature of an unassuming carrot and ate it. She laughed to the point of tears. Lesson learned on the duality of the adjective "hot."

Sidenote: spellcheck suggests that "jalapenos" should be replaced by "Galapagos."


Dana said...

Dana likes this. (thumbs up)

Unknown said...

awe such a cute story the use of alliteration in your title ;)!

RP said...

Appleton, what's so astounding to me is that your grandparents were Manning Up on timeless, real, small-town, Texas BBQ before any of us even knew it existed! At Macs, they all knew what manning up was truly all about before we ever even started trying to define and capture it through our outings and blog posts.