Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sauce pickup and lunch at Cooper's (New Braunfels)

The day before Gettin' Sauced!, Kelly and I made the drive down 35 to Cooper's in New Braunfels, to pick up sauce and door prizes for the event. We got there just after they opened, at 11, and stayed for lunch. The pork ribs were way too fatty, but the chicken was awesome. Probably the most moist and tender breast, to date. Lots of joints get the leg, wing, and thigh right; but few deliver on the breast, which I usually have to smother with sauce, so I can get through it. Service was terrific, and it was great to finally meet Mark, the general manager, who was kind enough to donate a bucket of sauce and a box full of door prizes for the next day's festivities.

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